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Pulling Back the Curtain a Little More

I recently signed an author contract with a new small press for the publication of the first of my Glitch in the System books. This new press has managed to acquire some impressive support over the last few months, but one thing in particular made me decide that it was the right thing to do to work with them.

They sent my book out for review by an established author in the genre, and that author suggested her publisher might be interested in handling my writing. The representative of my new press, instead of hiding that information, said she couldn’t in good conscience not tell me the much larger press was inquiring about possibly publishing me.

That told me that this little publisher was more interested in promoting my work as a marginalized writer than in gaining from it. That kind of honesty and genuine support is hard to come by, and I think the large non-profit creative incubator program that chose to underwrite the press recognized that as well. I’m pleased to have provided a fair amount of the graphic design for the initial pitch that won a place with the incubator organization, and I’ll be doing more as the project progresses into a full-fledged small press dedicated to publishing the work of disabled and disadvantaged writers.

I can’t yet release much more information on the project, because it’s still very much being ‘incubated’ by the large non-profit that has taken it on, but I will do so as soon as I’m given permission. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of, and I’ll look forward to sharing the journey as I go. I’ll also put some improvements into this dinky little outdated WordPress website as I build my own platform to work alongside.

Thanks for the patience, particularly to those who saw me first say I had a publisher nearly a year ago. Sometimes it’s for the best when things don’t work out. It doesn’t always look that way at the time, and even new and hopeful developments don’t always live up to their promise, but I’ve seen a lot here that gives me hope and enthusiasm for this new door that has opened for me.

The Glitch is Near

Glitch in the System, Book 1: Troubleshooting by Selene dePackh: Grimly visionary, the Glitch in the System series navigates an easily-recognizable near future, drawing on undercurrents already pulling neurodivergents into narrower and more frightening prospects. The first-person vantage of the narrator has rarely been captured with the kind of searing, authentically autistic voice dePackh brings to this new Neuropunk genre.